PLEASE!!! KILL THE SPAM-mashines!!!

PLEASE!!! KILL THE SPAM!!! :angry:

Moderators kill this robot boots…SPAM Machines!
Just BAND the specific user names, thank you!

They LINK SPAM destroy the whole FORUM!!!


Id like to know where Steve from Chicargo is when needed ?

YES d- -b !!! Can someone fix this please?
I have reported several threads already, hours ago in hope that moderators would notice the SPAM- ASAP.

No internal mods around this weekend by the looks of it , but where is the external mod that normally looks after the forum ?

Lets hope so! I’m leaving now anyway… See ya! :wink:

Best Regards

wowwww… its getting seriously annoying !!
Probably Logic users :wink:

Looks as the mods know about it but cant help it yet ?

What spam! :open_mouth:

‘Ah don’t see no spam’! :wink:

(all the while trying desperately and unsuccessfully to ignore it)


What’s wrong with spam?

I’ll happily delete all those topics for you if you give me the rights.


somewhere in chicago in a jacuzzi ,he probably heard Spa !

No it’s called a jazzcui