Please let me know if you like this piece

Hi everyone!

I wrote this piece with Dorico 4, Noteperformer 5, and the BBCSO (with a couple of instruments from Cinesamples). It’s a simple, diatonic (non-chromatic) piece in A major, and I hope you like it. In retrospect, I think it sounds like a hymn, although that was not my intention while I was writing it. Thank you.



I like the notes themselves, though the instrumentation seems a bit shrill to my way of thinking.

I like the piece a lot! Congratulations! :slight_smile:
Just two comments: IMHO the bassoon/cello line (seconds: doo-da-doo-da…) could be a little bit more varied. I also would suggest to try out e.g. F#m instead of A in 0’44’’ (climax).

Thanks, guys.


I found it charming if perhaps not that distinctive or sophisticated (not that a piece needs to be sophisticated).

On a wider point, I think it’s rather a shame that there’s not a dedicated section in the forum for people to post their own work --mostly all we see is mock-ups to demo libraries. I know that many Dorico users either a) don’t actually compose original work as they’re employed as educators, engravers or arrangers etc and b) some who do don’t want to post scores here and/or sometimes don’t have the libraries that would make for an enjoyable listening experience or c) couldn’t care less what other users think as they’re in the minority (a pretty small minority for substantial orchestral works) that can get stuff performed by professional musicians.

But that still must leave some who would enjoy sharing work created in our favourite notation software – with the added bonus that Dorico-specific aspects of rendering could be discussed.

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