Please let me know what CB I should install to have Dark Precision present in Halion available

I really need it for my recent project but I was clearing HDD space and deleted some content banks, and now I can not figure out which exactly I need. Please help

That’s in the Sonic Selection Library

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Thanks a lot for your effort! Thanks!
Though I have only absolute 5 and Cubase 12 Pro… It’s got to be somewhere there too

What about here?

I guess you should have an Absolute 5 icon in your products?

I think for Cubase 12 the HALion Sonic SE content should have it. They changed things a bit with HALion 7, but the content packages for the old Sonic SE and the new Sonic are both 3.35 Gb. It’s worth a shot at least.

The OP was asking about the Dark Precision preset according to his title, unless I messed up. I found that preset in the Sonic Collection library on my system.

Were you saying it’s also in the Dark Planet expansion, @ggmanestraki ?

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No, I’m saying I totally misread that like an idiot, sorry folks!

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No worries. I’m just glad it wasn’t me for once!!

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Thanks a lot, everybody! I am in love with this community! Got it! :heart::heart::heart:

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