Please let us select quick control presets in the mixer window

Hi, I have just discovered the quick controls, they are brilliant and make using the channel strip so much easier in the mixer window. The only pain is I have to keep going back to the project window to change the pre-set. Could you please add the button that is in the project window quick control panel to the one on quick control channel strip in the mixer window, it would make it so much easier and quicker to use.

I have set them up so I can select EQ bands 1 to 4 with each being its own pre-set, I have also done the same for the pre section. If you could set up pre-sets for the other parts of the channel strip ie Gate, compressors etc that would be amazing and I think a huge advantage for Cubase users as it means we can operate the channel strip with physical controls just like on a analogue mixing desk.

Please, please, please, have a look at this, it really is a game changer, and quick controls would seem to be an overlooked piece of gold.