Please make it much faster to have different instruments in different flows

As someone that is using Dorico for school, I have projects where I have to have many flows and each flow is a completely different set of instruments. As it is, Dorico adds new players to all flows. It’s a real pain in the butt having to manually remove and add individual players from lots of flows. For now there is only the “add to all flows” and “remove from all flows” option and it can only be done one player at a time.

First please fix this issue:

Please add the ability to select multiple players and select/deselect them all at once.


You can select some or all the flows and then unselect the Player(s), instead of selecting the Players and unchecking each flow.

I’d select all players and deselect all flows, then, select players in a flow you want and select that flow. Then, repeat for other flows.

There’s no need to select a flow and then add/remove instruments one by one.

You can’t select all players and deselect. You have to do one player at a time.

Not so. You can use either shift-click or ctrl-click to select multiple players.

Did you try it? At least on my Mac in 4.0, you can highlight multiple players but as soon as you try and click the checkbox or right click it reverts to only one player. That is why I made suggestion #2 above.

Which checkbox are you clicking? It works for me: Select multiple players, un-check the box on the flow card. The players stay selected.

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Ah. I was trying to uncheck the box next to the players. Thank you! That essentially solves my issue. I’ll start working from that direction instead of player direction and then even the bug that I mentioned in #1 won’t be a problem for me. Thanks again!

Dorico automatically assigns players to all flows that originated in the project – so you could set up a dummy flow that contains just a quarter note rest, export that, keep it somewhere safe, and import it into any/all projects as a “starter” for each flow you need. Players shouldn’t be automatically assigned to that then.

That’s a cool idea! Will try that. Thanks!