Please make Movie tutorials

I know there are already a few basic turorials on how to set up vst Connect

but please do some video tutorials that adress all the more complicated aspects like people ask about here. Like
how the cue settings works, adress some frequently asked questions and common troubles etc
(also why do I get a stereo channel, when I set it up, I want my guitar to be on a monochannel of course, how do I change this?)

We really need this, otherwise you would not see so many questions regarding this.

Also please show how to record electric guitar with effects on during recording (distortion), that still records a clean signal so that I can decide what effect to use later. If this is not possible at the moment, please say so, and please make this a priority with the next update ASAP, please. It’s the reason why I bought the program, and I just took it for granted without doing enough research.

You can’t yet. The Performer signal is always transmitted in stereo to the studio for various reasons. There may be an option to record mono later.
You may try to put VST Connect in a mono Input channel (after removing from the default stereo input), that should work I guess.

This is scheduled for the next release. Currently, inserts on the Performer side are recorded in the Studio, there will be an option to record the clean signal instead.

Thanks for the reply!

Any thoughts on making some of these additional tutorial videos? I think they would really save everybody some time.
For example I haven’t tried VST connect in a while, however I remember that I got a delayed signal from the performer when I monitored, and I do remember reading here on the forum what to do, to avoid this, but I can’t remember where that post was, and I don’t remember all the details regarding cues, and the control room that I felt was important. It would be so much easier if I knew all these things were in a tutorial for me when I needed it.

About the stereo track, I kinda suspected that I could try what you suggested, however I haven’t had time to try it yet. However I am curious about how it is supposed to work for example if I want to record a guitar, because now the way it worked for me last time, I had a stereo track where the guitar was only on one of the stereo channels which meant that I could only hear the guitar in one speaker.

Also, thanks for the info on recording clean guitars, any idea about when to expect the next update? really looking forward to it. Infact, due to my situation, I can’t really get any work done with VST connect before that is fixed.

thanks again for the reply

So what are your thoughts on making some movie tutorials? If not, can’t you atleast make a document that remains a “sticker” at the top of the vst connect forum, with the most commonly asked questions, and your responses about how to solve these issues? Now these aspects are spread out throughout the whole forum. Please add some troubleshooting regarding working with different settings

Also I have some more questions.

Firstly, about vst connect performer for ipad. Is there no way to add a guitar simulator here? If not, pleaser also add this to the next features on the next release. it does not have to be anything fancy, just a way to get some decent amount of distortion, so that it’s possible to record guitar ( and having the clean signal recorded in cubase). The best thing I think would be is if it was built in, just like the reverb and eq.

secondly, any news on when we can expect the next update of vst connect? will it be before cubase pro 9.0 is released, or not until then?

We’ll try to improve the manual with the next version.

We are planning support for inserts with the iPad version. Also there will be a switch per channel on the Studio side if eq, compressor, and insert effects should be recorded in the Studio; so you can choose to have the clean signal recorded as you suggest.

We are currently working on it and it should be released before Cubase 9, but I can’t tell you a specific date, sorry.