**please make "record over automation" and "link automation to events" an OPTION**

Right now, as of the last couple of updates, the automation is linked to the audio. That means that if you delete a piece of audio or record over it, the automation is deleted as well.

I spoke with tech support about this problem and they told me that “it just works like that now” which I find absolutely terrible in nearly every way.

Here’s the problem: I work with audio and automation to create a stack of effects and adjustments like panning, fx sends, or volume changes and now if I replace any piece of the audio in that track it completely erases the automation that I labored over. It also erases the automation when I re-record over any section of it. This makes no sense as a default behavior.

Now, it would make total sense if I had “write automation” enabled - then I could see it “writing over” whatever I did on a track but even then it should only be writing over whatever I adjust on the fly. If I want to erase the automation in a section then I would like to enable that or make that decision myself by highlighting the automation I want to get rid of and pressing delete which is how it use to work. I could see there maybe being a way of right-clicking on the automation write button and selecting “record over all automation”

Now I understand the value of having automation linked to audo events if I want to move a section around and have all of the automation move around with it … if I WANT that to happen. That should be some sort of “hot key” that you press … like holding down command when you click and drag the audio. Otherwise, all automation should stay exactly where I put it. If I replace one spot or record over a particular spot, you know because I think I could do a better performance down the road or I want to swap out a sound, it absolutely SHOULD NOT destroy all of my work! It’s less of a “request” and more of a “demand” as this has caused me to have to undo entire takes simply because the take erased all of my automation and there is no way in hell I’m going to go back and reprogram all of that automation. When you’ve got like 8 lanes doing things, sometimes complex things, it’s an absolute nightmare to have to re-program it all.

Please, please, please make “link automation to audio or events” or “record over all automation” an OPTION and not a default behavior with no way of turning it off. It has never been like this before.

One of the really cool things about having the automation in place while you record is that you can record with the effects you want turning on and off when they are supposed to and that allows you to “get into the music” more as you are performing/recording. It’s so awesome to be recording and having the echo turn on at the right spot or whatever effects as you’re performing (with monitoring on) as you can really get into your performance and have an awesome magical experience. This destructive behavior has taken the magic away from the program.

Again, please make “record over automation” and “link automation to events” an OPTION.

I will need to find a new program to work with if Cubase doesn’t fix this and remains using this destructive behavior. Linking them together is a great idea if you want it to do that. I don’t and I imagine a lot of others do not, as well.

Thank you!

If you have Automation Follows Events checked, un check it.

The option also has an icon on the project window since few versions.

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