Please make the MR816 windows "always on top"

Hello new forum.

Ever since the MR816csx was first released I’ve been hoping that with an update, the audio hardware window and the plugin windows could have the option to be set as “always on top”.

When opening any of these windows in Nuendo or Cubase, the main window (if maximized) gets messed up because these windows can’t be set to always on top. It’s a real pain and no one from Steinberg has EVER responded to this request! I was hoping that with the new forum, maybe someone will see this?

The MR816CSX is a wonderful unit. It’s hard to believe that this short coming hasn’t been addressed.

Is there a plan to add this feature to the mr816 in the future???



Lets have that…

+1 please


I started working on Cubase Windows (alongside the Mac version) about a year ago and this lack of ‘Always On Top’ options for certain windows is a source of major annoyance. I know nothing about computer programming but surely it can’t be that much work to sort this out?

Other than that, I have to agree that the MR816 is a brilliant interface.

Many thanks in advance to the Steinberg team. :smiley:

Just installed v1.7 and this AOT issue still hasn’t been addressed. IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!



As well as in Cubase 6…still not available.


Still not available in version 1.7.1.

Does anyone from Steinberg read this?


(It’s strange some posts have a quick aswer and others never have…
This is not a ridiculous issue.)

+1… really overkill workflow and make me nervous
its like hide and seek game with this MR channel strip and reverb. :imp:

Amazing - this thread is exactly two years old and nobody from Steinberg has ever responded to it!


I was crossing my fingers with the new v1.7.5 update. My original post was in December 2010. My guess is that this is never going to happen!

I did not even understand the 1.7.5 update. I checked the release notes for the OSX version: basically they raised the minimum OSX requirements and they included an updated version of documentation in the package…that’s it. :open_mouth:

the same for windows !
it looks as if they are making fun of MR owners after big update for UR series …!!! very awkward acts from steinberg… thanks for improving the manual u make our wishes finally come true with MR… :unamused: .