Please make the scrub playback smooth with no time delay

Hello, everyone
This new scrub playback function is important and excellent
I’ve been enjoying this new function so much!!!

But I ask you for some upgrade in near future

I am sorry for comparing
However, Cakewalk 9.0 on Windows 98 around 2000 (about 23 years ago) had
very smooth and detailed scrub playback

Your scrub playback on Dorico is like staccato
But that playback on Cakewalk 9.0 is like legato, very smooth and real and quick and very fast
There was no time delay (which was amazing)
Even that playback can play back reversely which sometime gives weird imagination
(Of course, Dorico can do this, but that’s like staccato)

So sorry for this asking

We’ll feel much better
that on Dorico plays like legato, smooth, and can move mouth very fast in foward or reverse direction
and one important thing is it will be much better if there is no time delaying

I will really appreciate if you can upgrade in near future, though I don’t urge you to hurry

I am a SW engineer so I know it will be much harder in Windows 10/11 than old Windows 98

But please consider this upgrade in future (for example, in Dorico 5.5 or 6.0)

Thank you so much and have great days

I’m not quite sure what you’re reporting. Scrub playback is both legato (i.e. it sustains the notes until you move the mouse pointer to a position where different notes should sound) and there’s no time delay. You can scrub backwards if you like, and Dorico will play the notes in reverse order.

Daniel, could you guys please have a look at how loud each instrument plays back when scrubbing?

I have a bass drum that is notated in forte and is sounding very nice in regular playback, but when scrubbing it is so loud it blows your ears.

Dorico uses the same dynamics during scrub playback as it does during regular playback: it uses the same calculated playback data. Perhaps you could provide a minimal example that would allow me to reproduce this?

Drum-Scrub-Test.dorico (1.1 MB)

Here it is, using NotePerformer (default engine, no fancy stuff).
Regular playback is great, but scrubbing over the very first note almost blows my head phones.

Thanks for having a look at it!

Are the offending notes accented? NP4 has been having difficulty with over-aggressive accents. Hope this gets solved soon.