Please make Track versions have independent automation and insert settings

It is surprising that I can’t have independent automation for different track versions. A big benefit of track versions would be to be able to audition different types of automation. Please let us have independent automation and plug in settings for different track versions-just like how Pro Tools lets you do in Playlists.

Absolutely yes, +1.

PT Playlists are far beyond in capability of what we can do in Cubase right now, but even this would be welcome.

TOTALLY on the automation front!!



There was discussion about this last year. We are waiting these changes this year. Maybe :wink:

+1 000 000

Maybe devs think that we don’t need automations at recording level of projects? But I think that track versions are usable at mixing session too.





As long as they are not tied to editing Track Versions because This will complicate things rather than resolve anything. Track Versions is meant for one thing - editing revisions, and clearing while saving previous recording takes or groups of takes.

if they are tied then someone who wants to go back to a previous edit, but had unknowingly not had the same inserts present or whatever… This would be a mess to sort out in projects.

They just need channel presets built into channels themselves which are saved only to those specific channels, ie they are Track Presets within the track, but not global saved track presets.

The same goes for automation. Automation is done after editing, they are a separate thing. You don’t want these things tied together because they change too much individually. Would need it’s own separate “Automation Versions”