Please more Amorgen midi drums loops!!


First of all Iwish an happy new year to all cubasis forumers and developers!!

I’m a cubasis user from the very begging and I really appreciate all the improvements made so far!!

One thing that was really heplful to me was the Alen morgen drums signature with midi loops. I love modifing directly the midi notes from the midi loops without using an external app.

And i’d like more! I especially need some fill in, fill out, with AM rock kit 1 or 2 and AM vintage kits or others groovy loops for exemple.

I wonder if it’s possible to add some in a future version? Why not in an in app pourchase? something like Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 1 & 2 but for Cubasis?

Thanx in advance


Nobody’s Here?

Nobody’s at steinberg who knows about in-app project of that kind?

I just need more midi drums fill-in fill-out and loops that can be easily edited directly into cubasis. Because the ones availables are ok but there are not enough for my purpose.


Hi FredB,

We’re glad to hear that you like the Allen Morgan drums and want to see more of it!
While I’m not able to share more details please note that content additions are considered on our roadmap.



Ok, thank you for having replyed!

So maybe there will be some more drums midi loops in these futures contents.