Please more Build in features in cubasis 3


I like to use effects such as transpose In realtime for better and faster work flow: I would like to hear the effect on the track that I’m using on, on the spot and not after I tap on Ok.

I like to See more features from Cubase desktop like build in auto tune, variaudio, transion glue type of effect between two parts of audio if you know what I am saying.

The build in sampler is considered in this age of time out of date, I hope to see an update as soon as possible.
We need Audio key detection, audio transient effects tools to lock it on the grid.
I Really Believe Logic Pro X will be soon available on iOS, so the only Thing cubasis Team has to do is making sure I’m staying with cubasis…

I hope to see cubasis 3 becoming only better:

Bless up the cubasis 3 team!!

Can I please hear a AMEN?