Please, more cue outputs in Control Room

Hi all!!

Control room and its cue outs are amazing features, but having only 4 cue outputs…

Something as simple like recording and monitoring drums, bass, keyboard, guitar and two vocals at the same time is far away from being comfortable. Two of those mixes have to be done with sends, and it is not as flexible:

  • you can not copy your main mix to the send levels with one click
  • you can not listen that mix in the main monitor easily

Having more cue outputs is a must, today’s computers can handle 8 different mixes without problems.

There is no need to develop new algorithm or any new proccessing… Just adding 4 more already existing feature.

Those are my thoughts… I hope that we can enjoy those aditional outputs one day.

Best regards to everybody!!



Add the optional tag feature-request, please.

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Hi Martin

I think it is tagged, but not sure. Could you confirm?


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I’m sorry, it’s not. Click the pencil next to the title, then select the optional tag, please.

Many thanks!!

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yes please add more cues

If they bumped up the Cue Mixes to 8, that would be really nice

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@Carvin_Man Vote for it!!! :wink:

So I did… I have nagged Steinberg for this since the Control Room feature were introduced. I have for the most part given up, but support this request every time someone brings it up :wink:

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More votes for this feature?