Please Notice me Senpai!

I thought long and hard about how i wanted to write this one and it sounded pretty good i think at the end so let me know what you thought in the comments below or on the track itself through the link below!

Plz Notice me SENPAI!

not a bad groove but it needs some melody’s flitting in and out . while i was listening to your track i was watching a program called "our planet from the air " on bbc4 . as i was listening some great melodys started happening they were actually coming from the program as your track was playing, they both blended perfect and were in the same key, A minor .the program was 15 mins in when it happened if you want to check it out ,it was a kind of African vocal and some weird old instruments playing random melodys .

This is basically two sections repeated one after the other with nothing new happening in the second part, as an instrumental it would be much more interesting at 3 mins long and as polgara said…it needs a tune flowing around over the top…the repetitive pan pipes (or whatever they are) don’t really hold the interest enough…definitely got potential but needs more :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

totally agree, issue i had is… well i guess i kinda ran out of steam with it after the first half,but i see what you mean.

Won’t beat the drum but it didn’t hold my interest either. Speaking of drums don’t know what to say but the kick pattern and sound really should be corrected before going forward.