please please please fix transparent events.

I realize they have fixed it when moving events but not when slipping!

WHY??? I would shell out the cash for cubase 6 literally right this moment if this was fixed. is it even in the works now that they half-fixed it?

I plan on bumping this every day of my life until it is fixed so I can upgrade.

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Can Project2S or someone upload some screen shots of this at all?


Yes, please fix!!!

Screenshots from SteveinChicago:

Workaround from vic_france:


You have only offered quotes

if the background wasn’t transparent i wouldn’t be able to see where the grid is to line up that hit.

Sorry that link is only bringing up a default page.

and here’s a video of the process:

Hi - my post is edited - sorry for that.

So what is the point here, that audio events are only transparent while dragging?

Considering the effort that has been put into cleaning up the UI generally in relation to colors and things I have no doubt in my mind that steinberg will attend to this issue or problem.

Just a point for alexis, if you click on the actual post title (for individual posts) you will get a link to that exact portion of the page.

maybe, but this should be top priority. top top priority. cubase 6 is literally broken as far as i am concerned. i cannot use it because of this. they should be working on this tonight with a patch out tomorrow during the day. they already have the code for making it transparent, since apparently they become transparent when dragging… all they have to do is copy that code and make a menu button to turn it on and off.

I appreciate your enthusiasm here, but how can anyone be certain of what’s involved?

Not so long ago the forum was up in arms over the background colors of group tracks and so on and before that font face.

Now look at the results from both of those, everything nice and consistent just like the majority of users requested.

That’s service in my view.