Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

I too would like to request., the CC121 is frustrating to not be able to use it with cubase7.espero hurry up with this.

Please “unlock” the CC121 so other Hosts can use it. Don’t tie that piece of fine Hardware to Cubase/Nuendo if you can’t support it properly anyway. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Indeed, would love to have this work in other daws so I could switch back and forth easily. Darn those reaper guys! :imp:

hello ,

i have read that cubase 7 does not support the CC121 controller yet

can you confirm this please ?

any alternative except the mackie control ? (similar size)

thx you very much

thank you for the update Bredo m8

Yes Bredo, it shouldn’t be too hard. Cubase/Nuendo sends either a certain SysEx- or Midi-Signal (don’t remember it all anymore) to the CC121, like once a second or so. That’s all I believe.

Steinberg really needs to drop that “Tools for CC121” update sometime soon… My EQ workflow got wacked since the C7 update… Need my controller at full functionality! -please-

Same here, I got a feeling its coming very soon. could be a couple of weeks but I kinda need the Eq bits too.


also it would be nice to be able to access left/right locator, instead start/end of the project

Bump. Love my CC121.

although now works on c7, I do not work very well, the rotary is not accurate., would be ideal to release him and every holder of CC121 you program your way freely (bcr 200 beheringer style, etc). , but a shame that this forum is so neglected by happens, would be a bomb CC121

God, still no update. FRUSTRATION!!!

i really don’t understand why CC121 is not further improved, lot of users find it hard to work with efficiently.
its the Half baked situation again from steinberg/yamaha.
i think little effort from them and some creativity mind should make this controller much better !!

  • channel select buttons to follow MC when in focus or even better by toggle with button combination to focus Project/MC tracks

*make the knobs resolution changeable for big sweeps.

*have more control options from cubase, like assign the function knob with 4 buttons to adjust tracks Gain HP/LP filters, or bypass CS,Inserts, sends of selected channel. (cant find right now an option on C7.5 to assign them to CC121 functions)

*option to turn off the Motorized fader (without pulling out the power cord)

Hello Steinberg, how about making the drivers open source so a dedicated fan can implement a little bit of extra functionality?

god… more than a year and still no driver update… :imp:



bUmP BuMp buMP BUmp

BUMP! WTF, Steinberg! Come on, please respond!

12746 views and 53 replies (ok. I did a few of them) and STILL NO ANSWER from Steinberg. Crazy. I guess posting in this forum is a waste of time.

I did not expect anything else…

I don’t think there has been one single reply from an official in this forum section ever (apart from ads/announcements). So don’t expect an answer.