Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

god… more than a year and still no driver update… :imp:



bUmP BuMp buMP BUmp

BUMP! WTF, Steinberg! Come on, please respond!

12746 views and 53 replies (ok. I did a few of them) and STILL NO ANSWER from Steinberg. Crazy. I guess posting in this forum is a waste of time.

I did not expect anything else…

I don’t think there has been one single reply from an official in this forum section ever (apart from ads/announcements). So don’t expect an answer.


please update the eq!!!


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Any official news from Steinberg guys ?

( three years later :smiley: )

Best regards

It does not help to be a programmer. The source and spec are closed. With a good software the yamaha hardware would have been very good. Steinberg has probably nothing to do about it. It is a Japanise gear. You get what you buy. If you need new functions you buy new gear, thats the japanise way.

The hardware is not the problem. The CC121 is just a very simple MIDI-controller. The buttons send note on/off, the fader pitch bend values and the encoders CCs. That’s it. This works as expected so there is no need to update something here.

The mapping in the software is the problem. It would be pretty easy to optionally swap two CCs to reflect the eq’s screen layout or to scale the CC values to customize encoder speed. The REAPER extension shows how simple this is (including source code).

AFAIK Steinberg and not Yamaha is responsible for the glue between the controller and Cubendo (aka ‘CC121 tools’). So in theory there is hope for an updated version but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Posted 11/2011. Still no reply. No update. Nothing. It is VERY frustrating.

I came to the forum to see if this was worth looking at … didn’t read all the pages, but I guess it is not what I want to use with C8.5?

Bump !

Still using my Frontier Alphatrack (and they have gone out of buisness !)


Bump… c’mon mods, wtf? Talk to us!


Uh huh

Please upgrade the driver

agreed!!! please ! Thank u steinberg! mine isn’t working after new 9.5.41 update

Does the CC121 work with Cubase 10? I just ordered the controller as there isn’t much out there in the way of controllers for Cubase. The FaderPort doesn’t seem to work for all of the buttons.