Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

Uh huh

Please upgrade the driver

agreed!!! please ! Thank u steinberg! mine isn’t working after new 9.5.41 update

Does the CC121 work with Cubase 10? I just ordered the controller as there isn’t much out there in the way of controllers for Cubase. The FaderPort doesn’t seem to work for all of the buttons.

Ah what the heck? Bump! What is with Steinberg and abandonware? Or maybe what I should ask is what is up with me in sticking with them? LOL

That is the question. As for me, no more Steinberg hardware

Using it with Cubase 10 here on Win 7 x64. No issues so far.

I am now using just my Yamaha 01V96 remote layer with Cubase. I stopped using FaderPort because it seemed that you coudn’t use both at the same time.

We had this guy do some amazing things with the driver for the Frontier Design Alphatrack for Sonar, speaking of dedicated fans:

Maybe we can get him a copy of Cubase and a CC121 to inspire him to do the same here?

Good to see that not any moderator is responding to this! Hahahaha, great support!

it’s kind of neglected product now.
they officially support it cuz its the only controller steinberg have now on shelf, but they won’t give any new better functionality to it.
my guess its also yamaha conducting this,and they won’t put any effort

Yes, very disappointed in the Yamaha/ Steinberg merger. (Major understatement really!) I really had hopes that Yamaha would have taken the hardware reins and run with it. But if anything it is worse than when Steinberg made their own hardware or collaborated with RME. Build quality has always been good but the support has sucked. No other way to put it.

Well the CC121 works well under Windows 10. But yes i do not think the support is there. And yes when you order a BOX CC121 NEW now, you get documents from like 2008 and a version of cubase the is virtually extinct. So to me it looks like an unsupported product, where on this forum no moderator will respond.

It is the same problem with all remote controllers. The interfaces/api’s is closed and there is joke for generic midi remotes. It might have been cool in the 80’s. CC121 is using midi and if there was some open interfaces the community would do a integration of this and many other gadgets. However yamaha is the owner of Steinberg so I think they see the controllers as their business. Buy a Nuage or talk to the hand.

the ability to lock it to a track while going back into the arrange window to play around with a softsynth would be fundamental to improving the actual, day-to-day usability of this thing! I’ve had it for about 9 months now, and I’m finding I hardly ever use the damn thing… this could be easily rectified! My favorite button, and the only one I tend to use all that often, is the instrument GUI open/close (the panel-looking) button.

Allow us to make some sensible customizations to this. PLEASE!! Do the right thing, don’t let us down! Yamaha? Hello? SOMEBODY?! Please respond!!

I just bought one from ebay, little bit dissapopinted to see support for this is almost non existent! Guess I’ll found out how useful it is when it arrives but buyers remorse is already setting in. Feel free Steinberg to get a new update out for this…

Why buyers remorse? We’ve been using them here for years, not had a single problem with them. Running without issue on Win 10 x64 (1903) and Latest Mac OS.

Well, it’s a touch off putting when you see how old the last software release for this is. But I’ve watched a few vids today, and from what I can tell it’s going to do pretty much everything I need it to, so I’m a little less remorseful lol. I’m actually looking forward to changing up the very mouse centric way I’ve been working for the last few years, hopefully I can learn to use it well.

The hardware is really great and the integration into Cubase is good. The functionality may be a bit underwhelming compared to the extended feature set you get with other DAWs but the CC121 will still improve your workflow a lot.

What I find a bit worrying is that the CC121 needs a proprietary driver under MacOS and Windows (under Linux it’s plug and play, including some Android devices). I don’t think that Steinberg (or Yamaha) will update the software for such an old device when an operating system update requires major changes to the internals of the driver.

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It seems that Steinberg is having trouble to keep up with drivers etc for their hardware.
It makes you wonder why…

I have been thinking about getting one for a while but the lack of support and no hardware updates for so long makes me hesitate.
Also, I feel that it’s really weird that the layout of the EQ isn’t the same in the hardware and the software.

In the light of Presonus Faderport 2 and Behringers X-Touch, for instance, it seems somewhat neglected.

It’s due time for Steinberg to come out with CC121 II with enhanced capability.