Please, please, please update the CC121 driver

hello ,

i have read that cubase 7 does not support the CC121 controller yet

can you confirm this please ?

any alternative except the mackie control ? (similar size)

thx you very much

thank you for the update Bredo m8

Yes Bredo, it shouldn’t be too hard. Cubase/Nuendo sends either a certain SysEx- or Midi-Signal (don’t remember it all anymore) to the CC121, like once a second or so. That’s all I believe.

Steinberg really needs to drop that “Tools for CC121” update sometime soon… My EQ workflow got wacked since the C7 update… Need my controller at full functionality! -please-

Same here, I got a feeling its coming very soon. could be a couple of weeks but I kinda need the Eq bits too.


also it would be nice to be able to access left/right locator, instead start/end of the project

Bump. Love my CC121.

although now works on c7, I do not work very well, the rotary is not accurate., would be ideal to release him and every holder of CC121 you program your way freely (bcr 200 beheringer style, etc). , but a shame that this forum is so neglected by happens, would be a bomb CC121

God, still no update. FRUSTRATION!!!

i really don’t understand why CC121 is not further improved, lot of users find it hard to work with efficiently.
its the Half baked situation again from steinberg/yamaha.
i think little effort from them and some creativity mind should make this controller much better !!

  • channel select buttons to follow MC when in focus or even better by toggle with button combination to focus Project/MC tracks

*make the knobs resolution changeable for big sweeps.

*have more control options from cubase, like assign the function knob with 4 buttons to adjust tracks Gain HP/LP filters, or bypass CS,Inserts, sends of selected channel. (cant find right now an option on C7.5 to assign them to CC121 functions)

*option to turn off the Motorized fader (without pulling out the power cord)

Hello Steinberg, how about making the drivers open source so a dedicated fan can implement a little bit of extra functionality?

god… more than a year and still no driver update… :imp:



bUmP BuMp buMP BUmp

BUMP! WTF, Steinberg! Come on, please respond!

12746 views and 53 replies (ok. I did a few of them) and STILL NO ANSWER from Steinberg. Crazy. I guess posting in this forum is a waste of time.

I did not expect anything else…

I don’t think there has been one single reply from an official in this forum section ever (apart from ads/announcements). So don’t expect an answer.


please update the eq!!!


Best regards