Please postpone N6 release if...

actually I can’t wait to have cubase 7 mixer features in N6 , it’s way faster for me to mix using new mixer than N5.5 one, so no - please don’t postopone the release.

We have four 5.5 Nuendo stations here and only one C7 licence and everyone envy me new mixer workflow.



It was a loooooong way for me, to get the right workflow from CubaseVST to Nuendo 5.5 over the years with hw controllers, macros, keycomands, templates, control room … Especially the signal flow in control room, mixing with CR and different speaker setups. As I wrote in another post, I’m very fast at the moment with my setup.

Sorry to say that, but the new mixerdesign isn’t my thing. Looks like a Android app :wink:
But I’m the last human on the planet to give inovations no chance. Hope, there will be a nuendo 6 demo for testing first. I do not change my functioning setup for experiments … (I’m branded from the Update WLab 6 to WLab 7, hope version 8 make it better again)

For me the biggest question is why on earth they’d make the control room different looking. It has the same type of functionality as the mixer; it takes signals from sources and routes them to different outputs. Using a completely different UI is just inconsistent, a source for confusion and quite frankly a bit daft in my opinion. Not to mention it looks like garbage in certain resolutions/sizes.

But on a potentially positive side of things I’m guessing the Cubase crowd did a fair amount of beta-testing for us while we waited for for the frog to land.

:laughing: I hope so…

But what makes you like it, and in what ares are the new mixer faster (for you)?

q-link, create group for selected tracks, fullscreen on selected monitor, hide whatever you want and many more

How big mixes have you mixed in C7?

from 10 to 120 tracks

Are you tracking full band sessions? With the new Control Room mixer?
no - I don’t track, and I don’t like new control room mixer, but can live with it - especially with Ebu-R-128

Hm … q-link and create groups … in N5 I select my tracks, hit “G” and they a grouped. Move the faders, hit “SHIFT-G” and they a ungrouped. Hit “ALT” and move the fader separately in a group. Where is the benefit in C7?

On my second monitor there always open the mixer + CR, edit channel window and plugins, no need a full screen mixer. In future maybe, if I have a third monitor. Or can I open a plugin window over the full screen mixer in C7?

Control room, I must test it first. Show/hide channels, hope there a shortcuts for this.

The Ebu-R-128 is nice for post I think. For music, I do these things in Wlab.

These are my thoughts without testing.

I only purchased C7 to get familiar with the new features and see how they might translate into N6.

I don’t want to be that negative guy that is only complaining about what I don’t like, there is plenty to like about the new features.
Generally, I like like C7, It has been very stable,however if the new mix console, in its current state, is what will be in N6 at release, then I will likely not be upgrading to N6, at least not for a while. It will be interesting to see how this forum community reacts to it.

One big problem is the visibility of settings on the mixer channels. Even when they are at reasonable width, you cannot read some the descriptions, for example the drop down menus for channel insert plugins.
On the right side of the insert,there is a triangle that activates the drop down menu, but it is very messy:

There are some graphic issues many users are reporting. I have a template with the new meter open on the right side of the mixer. When it opens half the meter is white and the meter is compressed at the top, it is fixed when I resize the window.

I have a dual monitor setup.
You can run the mixer in Full Screen mode on either monitor, however if you do, plugins do not “stay on top” over the full screen mixer.

Key commands for the mixer do not work unless the mixer window is “in focus” This means if you are working on the project page and want to execute a mixer key command, you have to click on the mixer window, then execute the command.

I work with MC Control with customized buttons this minimizes my mouse clicking, but not with C7. Even Eucon mixer commands do not work if the mixer is not “in focus”.

There are lots of little things that need fixing, which I am sure will come over time.

IMHO,the new features of N6 will initially slow your workflow down until you become more familiar with it. We just have to accept the changes and learn it, and we will all be working fast again.
I will be doing a lot of learning before I try to use it in my daily work.

q-link works for sends, inserts, eq, not only faders.
creating groups form selected tracks is what I always wanted - it’s very fast when mixing if you decide to have a “bus” for some channels for any reason.
I use 3 monitor setup and having fullscreen mixer on one is great.
There is something about new mixing console in C7 that reminds me working with digital desks, not neceserily Yamaha :wink: , Studer Vista line maybe…

Anyway, I’m not trying to convince anyone if it’s good or bad - I just like the change and would like to start working in N6 asap.