Please provide previous version installers for Cubase 11.0.0

Dear Steinberg please provide the original installer for 11.0.0 for windows (and OSX). Id like to go back but the usual methods dont work anymore:

  1. In Control Panel/Programs and features you could uninstal the latest versions of Cubase- doesnt work anymore with 11 :slightly_frowning_face:

  2. For past versions you could edit the dowload link from your dowload pages to the version you wanted in a browser. Version 11 usues a different download option (with sda) and this option doesnt woork anymore.

In Ive tried to search the folders from the downlaod manager on my hard drive but the 11.0.0 installer got deleted when I downloaded 11.0.10.

As a good example the download section for Presonus Studio one has a drop down menu in you account and you can select which current or previous version you want to download.

Best regards

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I think this is hilarious. 🤦