Please rate and review Dorico for iPad on the App Store

Welcome! Glad to see you’re trying Dorico! It has a bit of a learning curve (I come from Sibelius). It’s really great though and super fast to load and work in. If you get to the point, I recommend NotePerformer to upgrade from Halion (on the desktop app). I’ve been using Dorico for about a year now, and I love it. If you have questions, please ask away! Dan Kreider, Leo, Daniel, oh the list goes on and on are all great. Steinberg support is also! I had an issue with my Pro key and I called and they got me straightened out in no time. Very happy I made this investment. I’ve seen a lot of nifty features in Finale (my composer friend uses Finale also) that would be neat (rhythmic subdivisions is one). I am trying to convince him to move to Dorico, but he has expensive Vienna libraries for his VST and on a limited income so there’s that. Welcome!

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I wrote a nice 5 star review with some remarks but I don’t see it back. Perhaps it has to be approved first?

Yes it does. Mine took about 2 days, and soon after the developer’s response. It will eventually come.

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Hi - I’d just like to suggest that you maybe raise all this in its own thread for visibility; you’ll see, the whole Dorico forum is very active and fast moving, such that info/detail like this has a chance of being missed in longer topics.

Not that I’ve any vested interest, there’s likely more informed discussion/input to be had from other users/dev team on the subject…

Will do, thanks.

I only see 6 reviews, and 5 of them are good. I can’t submit reviews because I’m on the beta OS.

Perhaps a geofence is affecting what you see. 27 pop up for me.

Here’s the US version: ‎Dorico - Compose Music on the App Store

…and the UK version:

Note that if they take you into the App Store app itself, they’ll resolve to whichever country’s App Store you’re logged into.

If you view them in a browser you should get whichever country’s App Store is in the URL.

I tried three different browsers on my iPad. National App Store each time.

Try on a computer.

It worked on my Android phone.

I made a nice review, I think it is an amazing app!
Of course there is some room for improvement, specially when no external (no midi) keyboard is at hand for some shortcuts.