Please re-visit the stock chorus plugin

I know it might be too late for that, but this plugin could use a re-visit, some of its features don’t work as expected and some common features are completely missing.

  1. Shape - Sine wave works fine, but when you switch to what’s displayed as a triangle, it’s actually a square shape. It switches the pitch instantly, higher/lower/higher/lower, no transitions, just a square, not a triangle. There could be all of them - Sine, triangle, square (could be even with a pulse width) and even random (not necessary, for experimental use only).

  2. Delay - I find the maximum 30 ms of delay not enough. A very old and beautiful free plugin Kjaerhus Classic Chorus (which is still the best chorus I’ve ever used) can go up to 320 ms, that actually allows me to use the chorus as a wonderful stereo slap delay, or a crazy psycho pitch effect, who knows, fantasy is the limit. Creativity first (Steinberg’s official motto). And since 32 bit VSTs are no longer supported (which I solve with jBridger) and VST2 as a whole following the same fate, this beautiful piece of work will be forever lost. Oh, and the frequency goes up to 10 Hz. Like I said, fantasy is the limit, you have the tools, use them for whatever you wish.

  3. Phase - this is completely missing. The square shape mentioned above would work fine, if it wasn’t almost mono. Even with spatial set to 100% it’s only a few degrees off. Chorus is mainly used for widen up the stereo image and with the phase set to 180° it would be soo beautiful to have one side go down and the other side go up at the same time, you know, as all the other choruses work, except for this one.

and last one, just a suggestion

  1. Filters - would be nice to select steepness, but I could live without that
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It’s a chorus…

There is a plugin called mod-machine that is doing much more on time modulation effects and the Multi-Tap-Delay is a playground for delay effects…