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I downloaded the sound loops melody to my computer on another website. not on the Cubase site… I also want these melodies that I have downloaded to the computer… I don’t know how to put this sound melody in the program Cubase document my computer

look this photo
look at this photo that I sent you below… where can I put my melodies in the Cubase program… soundloop


I’m sorry, I don’t see any sound loop s. I can see only folders.

If these are 3rd party audio files, use MediaBay, locate the folder and scan it.

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I have soundloop in my desktop on my computer… but I want to send these melodies that I have in my desktop to the Cubase program… I don’t know which folder to send to the Cubase program. that I sent you with a photo… where can I open it so that I can use it there to create music… you understand what I’m saying


I wouldn’t put the files to the Desktop. I would put them to other location like Documents/…/ Or to other drive D:/Sounds/…/

Then open MediaBay, locate the folder and enable it for scanning (enable the check-mark next to the folder). Then you can see the folders in MediaBay of Cubase.

You don’t send a folder to Cubase. Instead you open Cubase, press F5 to open Media Bay and in this window scan all your folder on the computer. That should add all media files, including your soundloops, to the Media Bay. Then they “are inside Cubase”.