PLEASE READ what I am still missing in Cubase 6

Hello guys,

I am using Cubase for many years now… and I am still missing a very important and cool feature.

Well maybe it already exists and I don’t know about it… but I doubt very much :slight_smile:

Let me explain what I still miss in my process of creating music. Lets say you are working on a whole album with 10+ songs… so naturally you will use separate sessions for each song. OK, now you have 10 or more sessions and it’s time to mix them all in a row. At this stage you probably need most track settings (drums, bass, maybe even guitars or even vocals) adjusted exactly the same (EQ, pan and volume settings). At least for starting point. So far I have not found any option to adjust all 9 sessions after the 1st one with 1 or 2 clicks… there are only options to copy/paste settings on each channel or export track archives… but this all takes too much time… Therefore Steinberg team should make something easier where one can save and copy whole bunch of track settings and routing or even full sessions with one click. The easiest way would be to use the track names as the anchor point for copy/paste all setting from one session to another.

If Cubase team needs some help with detailed suggestions I am willing to give more input on this…

Regards, Purusha

I hope my post will get some attention from the Steinberg Cubase team…

I think we all agree on that one :wink:
In the meantime, another possibility might be to drag’n’drop Parts from one Project onto the corresponding tracks of the original Project.

Yes, there is. They call it Wavelab.

Meanwhile Vic’s advice is sound. For some things you have to use your own ingenuity and not the programmer’s.
In fact using your own routine then explaining how you do it here makes it easier for the programmer to either make a function easier to understand or to program that function to a one-key operation.

Wow, drag’n drop seems like a great idea. For example we could import all settings from a certain session in a special import setting window. There you would see the names of the tracks and just drag’n drop them where ever you need or choose to replace the settings of the tracks with same name. Both options should be there.

And since I brought this idea up, I should get a free upgrade when this feature is available :mrgreen:

You can already drag events between projects.
Save a track preset for the FX
Use project templates to save routings.

There are other little shortcuts for this. But really the track and mixer presets make it really easy to get a configuration between projects.

Can you give more specific step by step instructions?

Audio drag will bring all inserts. Sends are not brought over.

hmm… that’s caps didn’t come out very good. Sorry about that. In both cases I was dragging from an existing project to an empty project.

Thanks for the trouble, but I can’t figure out from your gif what you are doing…

So you have two sessions open at the same time… do you drag tracks or just settings from one to another?

Maybe it will be easier if you try to describe it with words. :wink:

From my original post

You can drag > EVENTS > between projects.
Save a track preset for the FX
Use project templates to save routings.

I’m grabbing either the MIDI event or the Audio events and dropping in the other project. All insert settings come with them. Sends do not.

EDIT: the screen grab actually worked, but when I scaled to the 700w setting required by this site, it jacked them up. Let me see if I can do a capture that has everything you need to see in it.

If it’s not a problem you can send it over by email to tat.purusha(at)

I replaced the midi one, scroll up and see if that answers your question

So you just grabbed a midi track from one session to another? Is this what you are showing in the gif file?

Yes, not sure how to say it any clearer. You can grab any event from one project and drag it to another. All insert settings come along. Sends don’t.

If you have a FX chain you like, save it as a track preset and load it in the other project.

There are two major limitations to all track saving options in Cubase regardless of where you do the save. Routings and Sends don’t save. So, what we really want is a multi-track save. So, we can pop drums back in with all routings, group channels, sends and so on. My guess is that we will get some of that when we get multi-channel support on instrument tracks. As in multi-track track presets. Then maybe they will work on allowing the sends.

OOOPS…I said yes on the previous post. The answer is NO. Look where the mouse is. I grabbed the PART/EVENT not the TRACK … huge difference.

Thanks a lot for the tips! I will play with what you suggested.

I really hope someone in the team is working on this to make it better :slight_smile:

Of the shortcomings I mentioned (routings, sends, multi-channel) they are already working on at least some of it for multi-out VSTi.

It’s hard to tell because Steinberg does not communicate HOW they implement anything. But, from the carefully stated “working on it” statements, we will get multi-track template support.

What is hard to tell is if they will do a great thing and make it multi-out TRACK template support, or if they will just dodge it all and only make multi-out instrument templates that only include the channels created by the VSTi. The later is my guess, but we can always hope.

In either case it is impossible to know if sends will be part of the template. Sends are such an integral part of a track that again we can only hope they are working on this as well. But, I have seen no comments that suggest they are.