Please reinstate FX Channel feedback!!!

Please Steinberg!!

Let me create a send to feed an FX Channel back to itself like I used to do before you decided to save me from myself. If I need to sign a waiver to say that I accept all responsibility for uncontrolled feedback I’ll do so!

I used to be able to create some lovely delay/saturation/EQ feedback loops… :cry:

yes +1

PLEASE Steinberg!! C9? Please? Pretty please? Or at least give me a feedback plug-in to top and tail the insert chain (like the old Senderella)?

This was possible ? I’m glad I never knew because I would be pissed right now about them removing this feature.

The new Effect Rack of Soundtoys allows to feedback the whole chain. Of course this only works with soundtoys effects.
So, +1 to this request.

? Do most delays (surely the tape based and vintages ones) already include a feedback option?

Not meant sarcastic, but I recall some delays namely dub and reggae delays having feedback option builtin.

On the other hand free routing would be nice but not only for feedback purposes, I saw recently a youtube video where in Protools a bustrack was used as an virtual stereo master where the master mixdown could be captured while doing punch in/outs while modifying the automation.

It’s not the same, for example, imgagine you have pitchshifter before the feedback plugin.

Yes, but you can’t add anything into the loop. I like to put filter and saturation plug-ins of my choice into the feedback loop. You can’t do this if you can’t tap into the feedback.

Yes it was. I imagine they removed it to save people from themselves, but for those of us who know what they are doing they removed a very creative option. :cry:

Could be really useful, put a big warning on it when we enable it. Right now it’s only possible when looping back signals with a cable, and it’s kind of a waste of I/o and da/ad conversion.

Yes, please!

Classical case of putting it into program settings as an option (VST - “Allow feedback loops”) that is off by default to protect the unconscious user (instead of assuming we all don’t know what we do… :laughing: ).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for this feature.

However, it’s understandable why Steinberg chose to be rather Draconian about the present implementation….regarding potential hearing, speaker and driver chip (internal and external I/O) damage that Steinberg could be liable for. It’s quite a litigious world out there.

Sure, Steiny could make it happen in Prefs and even make you read a giant warning and liability clause before activating it……but (and here’s a genuine concern) there is no way to warn an unwary 3rd party using a copy of the Project file that this “feature” is active when the Project is launched. And then there’s the issue of backwards compatibility.

I could care less about any of that. Caveat Emptor and all that…I want the feature.

+1. The annoying thing with the current system is that you’re not -told- that yer being blocked from this. You simply don’t -see- routings that Cubase thinks would cause a feedback loop. Causes “Where did my Sends go?” moments!

ALSO: When you reinstate this? PLEASE put in INSERT POINTS (Sorry if this is a hijack.) I -really- want to be able to insert plug-ins to Sends!

+1. There are other tools I use for this (DDMF, Blue Cat…). But it seems a silly arbitrary restriction to have in the routing that requires me to rely on third-party software…

It looks like I’m not alone with this.

With respect, can I please request an official Steinberg response, just to let me know that you’ve seen this thread?

That made me wanna going back to PT

If we could have some kind of dedicated feedback bus + a double security by enable the option in preferences…
Or a Steinberg internal “bridge” plug that could only work after signing a warning ear and speaker damage contract :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: No signing, no authorization code, no feedback plugin, no risk of ear damage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: