Please remove this heading.

I would like to use the ‘Auto Select Events Under Cursor’ function as part of a macro. But I must wait 3 seconds for this heading to remove itself from the screen.

Oh, and everything that toggles in Cubase should have seperate On and Off command option for use with macros.

why do you have to wait 3 seconds? just ignore it

Search your preferences. There is an option for these warnings, and you can toggle them on/off. Sorry to not give you the exact entry, but I don’t have access to Cubase at the moment.

Have not seen this option.

The display of the notification isn’t modal, so it doesn’t affect the macro at all. What specifically are you seeing?

I don’t see the purpose of this warning. It really just obscures my view of MIDI notes and states the obvious.
We wouldn’t want to see this now would we?

Those are two different things.

You already have a visual cue for Draw Tool in the toolbar as well the mouse cursor graphic.

In regards to ‘Auto Select Events Under Cursor’, This however is a background preference so there is no way for the user to know if it is activated or deactivated. Almost all preferences with keybinds have this notification for this purpose.

However, I will agree with you that all these commands should have separate on/off commands rather than only a toggle.

You’re right, I was under the impression that when “Show Notification when changin tool mode by keycommand” was off it supressed all these notifications.

Well, I don’t know. In my book, when running macros you don’t need notifications. You already know what is going to happen. I surely wouldn’t need the notification.

It’s not for when being used in macros, it’s for when you are solely hitting that command. And actually, even within a macro, because there is no separate on/off commands, you also would not know if it is already in an active state or not so it’s still useful for the time being.

Well, yes, it is useful if you don’t remember the state of the toggle, but if you do it’s a little annoying. Ideally, everything would have a keycommand, and everything toggleable one command for each state, so that the notifications would become reduntant. However, I fear that ideally is quite a way from practically in this case.

By the way, J Buckingham, what’s the macro? Maybe you could use the oneshot “Select Events under Cursor” command, to avoid having the preference switch throw the message?

I personally need to check if it is on or off before I use a macro that contains it, otherwise it messes things up. So I do a quick check, and then do the macro… I would absolutely %1000 despise not being able to check if it’s on or off, you would have to open up preferences to check which would take more time than erroneously using the macro when it’s in the wrong state, undoing the mistake, turning it on, and then re-applying the macro.

I need to be reminded too, when I’m the one issuing the commands. Buuut, when I fire a macro, I just expect it to do its job, as fast as possible. I don’t like the popup just then. The toggle state that the macro is presented with at its onset, I expect to be handled within the macro itself. I don’t want to have to take preparatory actions in order to launch a macro.

Without separate on/off for commands, or logical checks in macros, I don’t think the above is possible. But isn’t it elegant? Why do people ask for separate on/off commands? So that they can IGNORE the state of toggles!

So yes, it’s useful currently, but I’m looking forward to not having to be reminded toggle states because I can directly control them.

Agreed, if on/off commands come into existence (I have a feeling they will), then these messages won’t be needed - BUT - they should continue to exist for toggle commands. I hope Steinberg doesn’t remove toggles in place of on/off - both are useful… toggles taking up less keybinds. ie… I would be using On/Off without keybinds inside of macros, while having the toggle command version keybinded.

It should just be in a simple tree format.

-Toggle | keybind
–On | keybind
–Off | keybind