Please return the numeric input for fixed tempo

Just like the title says: Please return the numeric input for fixed tempo. Making the slider move by key command could be an alternative.

It wasn’t really numeric before: before you clicked and dragged up and down on the tempo itself, and now you drag a slider below the tempo itself, which seems like a good improvement to me.

“which seems like a good improvement to me” You put it like it is Daniel. It’s a personal thing (for me) getting a painful arm when controlling horizontal sliders, especially in the a high resolution of 1 - 500 bpm over 4 cm. Vertical dragging is the way to go for me (as opposed to circular from the early VST days - that was the worst!). I guess you’re right about the absence of numeric tempo input in Dorico 2 and 3. It was just that I didn’t remember getting a pain in the arm when editing the tempo. However in my opinion there could be improvement of this basic Dorico-function by:

  1. adding fine control with a modifier (it’s the small value changes that are the most difficult)
  2. add vertical dragging with the mouse to control the slider too
  3. dragging the numeric value (as a preference setting?)
  4. adding numeric input after double clicking
    which doesn’t stop me from writing you guys do a fabulous job in developing Dorico as a whole. I was flabbergasted again by the new and deep functions in 4.3. Thank you!

Thanks for the additional feedback. We’ll certainly think more about this.

Thank you. And I forgot to add: editing with the mouse wheel :-).

:innocent: :pray: Pretty please? :pleading_face:

I also think the old system with the vertical dragging felt better. It also saved an extra click. The slider is probably from DoricoForIPad (?) where it makes sense to have a visual slider for the people to understand how it works. For the desktop version the dragging feels better for me and is also used in VSTs or DAWs for changing values of knobs/sliders, so it should be clear to most people how it works.

And here am I, sitting here just a few days ago, trying clicking and double-clicking on what seems to be a numeric field, with nothing happening…

Since we have to click and release on the number in order to show the slider, a mouseover highlight would help.