Please return the old settings!!!

Please return the old settings as 4 cubase.
For example, the “mute” command does’t work in key editor window if you open it in a separate window
So it became a lot of inconvenience. Please revise and compare with the old cubase.
I can’t configure key commands like before(
Cubase has always been the most convenient program, unlike the logic and now :frowning:


Do you mean Mute of the Track?

You can me individual bites in the Key Editor in current Cubase versions, if you are searching for this.

Why ‘S’ solo works in all windows: in the project window and in key editor (piano roll) and M mute doesn’t work?

“S” button makes a Solo of the editor, on of the Track.

I see. ‘M’ was mute too before

Mute "M’’ is needed such of the editor, on of the track as S. It’s comfortable when you are shooting a song or a part. In the editor you record and sometimes ‘mute’ to listen to the original so that the new party does not interfere. But MUTE not active