Please send a 100% discount voucher for this technical bug report

  1. When you make a new project the project file should be stored where the user wants not in a folder like untitled#999 etc because it’s impossible to find. ie I store in C:\music\cubase\projectname.cpr Most times we don’t have a name until after it’s recorded.
  2. When you move the tracking line to the bar you want the wave editor doesn’t sync to show the exact part in the project window.
  3. You can’t edit the audio wave files by copy and pasting parts of the wave file in the editor
  4. Vertical space is expensive on monitors, the big area reserved for the tools should be dockable on the sides and sizable. At the moment we can’t fit all the channel tracks in one view once over a certain amount (about 5 I think) on a 1080px monitor.
  5. Once fixed please send a free copy or 100% discount voucher for this technical bug report.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can set this up in the Hub.

Sorry, I don’t understand this. What do you mean by the “tracking line”, please?

Yes, you can. Could you describe, what did you do, the current result and the expected result, please?

  1. Too complicated but i will try an let you know.
  2. The vertical line that moves to show the progress in the piece
  3. Highlight → Edit → Copy → Position cursor no Paste option (in Wave editor).


How do you know, it’s complicated, if you haven’t tried? It’s matter of a single click to set it up.

Do you mean the project cursor? I believe enabling the Preferences > Editing > Auto Select Events under Cursor option would solve your use case. You move the project cursor, the Audio Event of the given track in the given position would become selected and the waveform shown in the Sample Editor. Is this what you are asking for?

  • Make Range Selection in the Sample Editor.
  • Edit > Copy.
  • Click once to deselect the Range.
  • Edit > Paste.
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  1. Giving me a myriad of choices I don’t need. Cubase 7 workflow for starting a project was easier and smoother.

  2. Why isn’t it enabled by default? If I am editing bar 4 wave audio i would expect that the wave editor would show me bar four wave audio by default.

  3. I did what you said it doesn’t work

    Make Range Selection in the Sample Editor.
    Edit > Copy.
    Click once to deselect the Range. (+ I select new position where I want to paste)
    Edit > Paste (nothing happens).


There are other users, whose need the other option.

Because there are other users, whose are working different way and prefer other settings.

So you actually didn’t do what I said and you actually don’t want to Paste, you want to replace, right?

If they need to change it let them do it. By default Cubase 7 method was easier and more streamlined as it eliminated all need for button presses.

No it doesn’t. That just selects the part under the cursor not in the wave audio editor.

What you told me to do is identical to what I said I already did. But you say Replace? Is this a new feature? Because I can’t see it in the EDIT menu.

Sorry won’t be able to test your software any further because license expires today. If you wish to support more testing please send a copy.


The Audio Event becomes selected and the Sample Editor shows the content of the given Audio Event.

The question is: Do you want to Paste or Replace? To me it sounds like you want to replace.

But not where the cursor is it opens up the entire part including spaces that have no audio.

The audio events are not what I want to edit. Lets say I played one chord too softly and want to edit the Wav in the Audio editor, I would select it and add some gain. That works ok. But lets say I missed the chord completely and there is a flat line on the beat I can copy the selected down beat at some other location in the WAV-Audio editor but for some reason can’t paste to So maybe in that case it would require paste at or replace the flat line with other audio. In anycase it’s not working and in previous versions it was.


First I would definitely do this in the Project window, because it’s non-destructive editing. Second, as I described, you can Paste in the Sample Editor. Just don’t select the Range. Just select the start point.

The Paste function is greyed out can’t us it.


As I said, don’t make a range, if you want to Paste. Please follow exactly my steps.

Got it! Finally, so you mean you are going to argue publicly so others can see that nothing is wrong and yet you have no intention of fixing what is broken and also make it sound like I am the one who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is an insult!

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You are right Martin has no intention of ‘fixing’ anything since he doesn’t work for Steinberg. Although he does donate a lot of his own time on the forum answering literally hundreds of questions each week.

Actually you are doing a good job of this all on your own.

If you want folks to respect you maybe don’t start off with a smart alec title for the post. I have no idea what you are like in person. But here online you are coming off as entitled and spoiled.


This is not an official support channel; it is a user-to-user forum. Some Steinberg staff participate, but this cannot be guaranteed.

@Martin.Jirsak is a volunteer who does so much for users on this forum.

If you prefer Cubase 7, use that rather than the (unnamed) later version you are using.

Your original message is a series of four feature requests, not a bug report. A bug is something that doesn’t work as designed. You are arguing against design decisions.

The rationale for your arguments is unclear.

Your attitude is not exactly endearing.


Martin is helping you out of goodwill. He is not a Steinberg staff member. Don’t take him for granted!


Hm, reading through this thread and having experienced and seen Martin’s endless patience with all kind of questions and reactions to his help I recommend to hold on and think for a while about appropriate reactions and interpretations of what has been written by Martin and you on the other side. Your reactions make you appear a rude person - which you hopefully are not in real life. Thank you :slight_smile: