Please steinberg, for the love of cubase :(

I beg…

I work A LOT in the key editor (midi) which leads me to these requests!

Give me a way to start playing the track from the beginning of the midi part when I open it in the key editor. Currently I have to always click to the start of the midi part when I open it in the key editor. I wish there was a hotkey that said “Play starting from active midi in key editor”

Second - Please give a way that I can edit the velocity other than having to drag it up and down in the CC editing. I’m talking about things like volume automation in the key editor. Somehow when I highlight one portion of data, EG a single volume point, I want to be able to type the value I want instead of dragging it up and down for a minute trying to get to the exact number!

THIRD - I have no idea why you haven’t done this, as it’s been requested thousands of times! MIDI rescan while cubase is open. I load a project for 5 minutes only to realize I forgot to turn on some midi device. Now I have to restart the whole thing :frowning:

Please… I cry…

Thank you.

You can set up a macro to open midi editor window / transport to start of event / play - something like that. You could set locators to selection, zoom horizontal to selection etc.

You can enter velocity information for selected notes in the info display across the top or agin set a keycommand to auto apply a velocity amount.

I think the MIDI rescan thing might be a Windows issue?