PLEASE Steinberg. Make an in depth video on how to do tempo detection, for multiple tracks

All MIDI tracks. I detected the tempo on one track but other tracks do not follow if I change a tempo value. I assume they all need to be in musical mode??? But I do not know.

If so, how to get multiple tracks to musical mode at the same time?


There is no Musical Mode for the MIDI Parts. You probably mean, the tracks have to be in the Musical Time Base.

The track has to have the Musical Time Base enabled to follow the tempo. But, if you have the MIDI track in the project and it doesn’t match the tempo and you want to use one of the tracks as a Tempo reference, switch the other tracks to the Linear Time base, to don’t change while the new Tempo Map is going to be made. Once the new Tempo Map has been made, enable the Musical Time Base again.

Or create an empty project with 1 MIDI track. Create the Tempo Map out of it. Once it is done, import the other MIDI tracks to the project.

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Is there a way to change selected MIDI tracks to musical time base at once?

With Cubase Pro you can use the Project Logical Editor:

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.