Please stop Cubase from creating these peak files for imports

Cubase is creating peak files for all the audio I import. Is there any way to stop doing this? These files are huge in size, add up a lot over the course of several projects. Also, why is Cubase struggling badly with audio processing after just a few midi tracks and processing? I have a fairly decent system, Ryzen 7-5800H with 16 gb of ram. Please don’t say my graphics card might be poor, because I have RTX 3050, not a very great graphics card, but it does get the job done. Please help!!!


The peak files help to speed up the project loading. They are the images of the waveforms, so Cubase doesn’t have to create them over and over.

Regarding the system, please use LatencyMon utility to test your system.

Is there any way to turn off the creation of peak files? Also, LatencyMon shows my system as suitable. Actually, I tend to travel a lot and my audio interface is not always with me. So I work with this FL Studio Asio device as my main output. Other daws haven’t shown any signs of struggle, but Cubase has been scary with the glitches and dropouts. I have been trying to make it my main daw, but it’s been difficult.

That sounds odd. They are typically in the 50-2000KB range here. How large are you seeing.

Graphics card shouldn’t be an issue - Cubase doesn’t really benefit from it. Main reason to even use a graphics card with Cubase is for multiple monitors.

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I am sorry, I also noticed the files are not too big unless I am importing an entire project of stems. Thankyou.