Please stop shrinking text, and the work environment

As noticed by another OP the new rack text is small and much harder to read and we are stuck with two text lines now.

The zoom handles are small and seem smaller In C9.

The overall project view is so busy now, Looks and feels tiny like the tiny homes trend lol.

I like the transport at the bottom though.

Could we get larger zoom handles, larger text in rack,

AND can we get an option to increase text size in preferences please, like digital performer.

I have three large monitors.

Is there hope?

Buy glasses? 9 finally got rid of teletubbie fonts.
I work 30" 2560*1600 fontsize is perfect.

Cubase isn’t compatible with scaling so there’s no need to blame the user here. The size of text depends on your monitor’s dpi, which varies a lot. Whether the sizes are optimal is pretty random, unless you happen to buy your display for Cubase.

If your setup is comfortable for you Raphie then great, but that doesn’t mean this works out for other setups.

In addition, it would make sense to use small text to cram in a lot of information like in Digital Performer, but this isn’t the case in Cubase (so much padding…), so there’s no point. Compare:


Both tiny fonts, way less information in Cubase.

With lets say an 4k 19" monitor you have a much bigger problem amongst all apps as the resolution makes no sense on the screensize and you should increase your OS DPI to 120 or 150 for things to get back to normal. Nearly all laptops suffer with this problem and are factory configured at 120dpi or even higher.
The baseline is that Cubase is in line with the OS fonts and for example not consistantly 50% of the OS font size, so there is NOTHING wrong when the system is properly configured.

Also comparing 2 non related screenshots for the point of screen estate makes no sense, lookt at the mediabay if you want most text characters per inch…

No one wants to use the Windows scaling for Cubase because it makes it look blurry.

I noticed the Cubase 9 release trailer happens to use pretty low resolution screens compared to what you’d normally find with a Mac. If they had used an iMac or MacBook then I guess it would look pretty bad as they’d have to show it off all stretched out.

DPI adjustment and resolution are 2 different things.
When your resolution is not native 1:1 things get blurry, when adjusting dpi things remain pixel perfect. Retina has different issues.

Indeed… I run Windows at 108% custom scaling on my 2560x1600 30 inch display.

I think this used to be called DPI settings in older windows versions, but frankly don’t remember.

It’s in the old control panel under
Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display ‘set a custom scaling level’

You learn something new everyday. As we get older I can see the need for this number gradually increasing…

Thanks for this!

Really. The first time I used it, years ago, it was just to get 1 inch to appear as 1 inch on my screen. Now, it’s so I don’t have to go look for my glasses, which is difficult without my glasses. :sunglasses: :nerd:

I think a better request is not necessarily to stop shrinking the text but to stop putting padded space everywhere. For example, that VSTi panel screengrab above could be shrunk 50% by just removing all the ‘artistic’ lines, frames and gaps. To achieve something more like the Digital Performer Track Selector for example, lots of tracks listed and you can read the text. So, I’d vote for more info displayed in a smaller space - it would help me with less mouse scrolling and give me better and quicker visual feedback.



GargoyleStudio, that was my point so I agree.

What 125% dpi scaling in Windows 10 looks like here: (It doesn’t work, Cubase is the same but with bigger title bars)

Cubase text remains small and is not consistent with the OS.

Well thank you for the effort here, Yes this is a good illustration of my concern, we have more padding now and what looks like smaller text sitting in that space. so perhaps the text is or isn’t shrinking very much but your pictures tell the story.

I can read it as is but it’s on the fringe of being to small so the trend is what I wanted to flag.

Also I have 3 27 ". @ 1920 x1080

On the upside I find 9 to be clean and organized.

I will fiddle with font size in windows perhaps 105%.

Part of the problem is Windows, scaling on the Mac is more advanced (note - I’m a Windows user). MS is only starting to take the scaling issue seriously in the last few years.


This is true, but Cubase doesn’t really support a high dpi on Mac OS either.


My personal gripe are the feckin’ SKINNY SCROLLBARS.

What is maddening is that there is so much empty space around them that -could- be used for a proper width scrollbar.

The VST Instruments Rack is like twice as big as it needs to be. It’s like one of those 50’s cars where half the body are needless fins that some designer thought looked pretty cool.

My personal gripe are the feckin’ SKINNY SCROLLBARS.

There are scrollbars? :slight_smile: They really are quite narrow.

I agree with the general concept of this thread. Tiny text is one reason I don’t like DP. I’m not sure what the best solution is though…