Please suggest any other Step Sequencers? (not StepDesigner)

Hello again!

I’m not going to criticize Steinberg, but I don’t like the midi plugin StepDesigner mostly because (to me) it is small and confusing (again, it is just a personal opinion).

I’d like to know if you guys know of any other step sequencer that could offer more functionality with a more clear interface. How about old style knobs? I’d even settle for an external midi step sequencer that I might connect to Cubase using rewire.

Any suggestions?
I just updated to 6.5 by the way and I’m very happy wih it.

for external …take a look at NI Maschine Micro , or some of the MPC’s , I think both have internal soft step sequencers that send midi - for internal, KVR always has odds and ends, links to 3rd parties that make VST midi step sequencers…

Many of us have voted that the Step Designer get a huge facelift. You’re right on, one of my suggestions was to make the page bigger.

Thank you both!

@indiescore, I’ll check those out.

@Bane, now that you mention it I find it very confusing actually, for example, there is an up and down arrow that moves an octave down or up and that is it… I had this idea that if I wanted to make a progression over a few bars I’d just like to shift over one step semitones and maybe correct the scale according to a root. Is there any thread where any of the functionality for the facelift is being discussed?

yes, thats for sure I wish SB would put their energy into a larger, user friendly midi step sequencer that is very visual like the maschine interface, and sends midi out, the kontakt 5 midi sequencers are still painful to use, I dont use the current SB midi sequencers, not efficient for workflow … + 1infinity

sugarbytes thesys is great… reaktor has hundreds of them … and if your on os x look at numerology they dont get much better than that

thats awsome, - thx for sharing

what about moving your patterns over to the key editor?
no ill intention, just a suggestion … you’re inside Cubase, after all :slight_smile:

Probably on the side of what you’re asking for as this is more like the Beat Designer, but maybe worth mentioning anyway because its sequencer is really cool. FXpansion released Tremor a few weeks back and since it’s offering MIDI out one can use its sequencer for almost anything beat related, but it’s not optimal for sequences where you want altering pitches.

By sending Tremor’s MIDI out to a new MIDI track in Cubase you can use a drum map to convert the notes to the desired pitch. A little cumbersome, yes, I know.

Here it is. Go vote there and give it a bump. :slight_smile:

There are some nice suggestions in this thread.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

So much to check now! many thanks to all for the cool new vst that we can try out now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to thank Bane (Thank you, Bane!) for linking me over here!

Now, I’m going to tell you what you should check out first!

Anyway, since I’ve found this, I’ve had my ‘what StepDesigner could be’ fantasy fulfilled … and then some, as Vortex is a multitimbral version of StepDesigner, running up to 12 sequencers in sync from a single instrument, each sequence individually addressable to any discrete midi channel or combinations there of, and with 12 internal synths if you don’t want to send midi out to your own instruments.

I’ve been beta testing Vortex over at KVR It is a midiots dream come true.

Yes, I’ve just spammed. Please forgive!


Good stuff, Como.

Is there a demo to try out?




Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

FWIW, the developer is very open to feature requests during the beta stage … two or three major innovations are occurring by the the week, including several requested by yours truly.

To give a flavor … in addition to the 12 sequencers, any or all running in sync, there is now a feature enabling an octave of semi note pitch shifting of the entire sequence on the keyboard. Sequences are individually enabled or not to respond to pitch shifting … so, for example, you can prevent your drum sequences from shifting pitch.

Additionally each sequence has a ‘snap to scale’ feature, called ‘squash 2 scale,’ so that for example you can change all your melodic sequences to phrygian mode … with the ability to specify how notes on each sequence should respond when a non-scale note is encountered in the grid, i.e., go up, down, cycle, etc. So you can now use the pitch shift to diatonically shift your sequence to different scale notes, and, with the inclusion of midi thru, play the internal synths while recording the midi output of each sequence … or triggering other modules, if you prefer. Each sequence becomes available for as many harmonically correct additional note starting places as you can find among the 12 semitones.

If anyone is interested in using the internal synths, which are very good sounding romplers, in addition to the master bus where fx is inserted, each sequence’s synth can be routed to direct audio out … so you can track each sequence individually.

Vortex is an amazing and ambitious instrument. Better take a serious look and get in on the current prerelease discount if you are interested.


Pretty good stuff here. Alot of functionality, even at first sight. I can’t wait to see what will be possible once I dig in deeper. Seriously guys, if you took the time to start a thread on this kind of thing, you’ll love this. Check out the trial!

It gets better … two or more instances? … run the midi output from one or more sequencers through Chorder and/ or Arpache?

The only inconvenience for the midi output is on the Cubase side, as it doesn’t natively channel filter the Vortex midi input. But I’ve gotten that taken care of with a template that has channel filtering all set up for a folder full of 16 midi files.


Even more stuff that I cannot try out right now!
Thanks you all for the info!