Please support Mac OS 10.8.5

Mac OS Mountain Lion is the last great Mac OS… and Cubase 8 is now the only major DAW software that does not support Mountain Lion… grrr. Hope this changes… :unamused:

It will change… I’m pretty sure Logic will cease supporting it before too long!

Besides… Snow Leopard was the last great one. OSX is beginning to look like the Benjamin Button of OSs!

Wouldn’t you know it… Logic 10.1 comes out… Supports only Mavericks and later. Oh well… If Apple won’t support older OS’s I guess we can’t expect Steinberg to.

It’s absolutely MANDATORY !!! Cause the ONLY stable way to have ProTools 10 coinstalled with 11 (especially HD10) is OS 10.8.5 !!! And i’m asking a question - should I buy another computer to have Cubase Pro 8 on Mac or what?.. what actually is the trouble to allow Cub 8 work on 10.8.5?.. Why didn’t U guys quit supporting Win 7, for example - it’s pretty old and Win 10 is coming out soon…