Please support multiple MIDI channels & ports


I’ve run into a snag. Unfortunately it will mean that I cannot use Dorico until it is resolved. That’s not a complaint. I’ll happily wait until Dorico 3.0 if I have to. I like the rest of the software so much that I’ll be very patient. But plenty of other folks have setups similar to mine. That and I want to use Dorico. :wink: So I felt I should still post a feature request here with some insight into a usage scenario.

Violin I = 40 articulations, 3 MIDI ports, 40 MIDI channels in VEP. Not possible in Dorico at this time.

Before that setup I used to use Cubase with a combination of key switches and MIDI channels. This was too limiting. When I started out with the VSL key switches worked enough to do anything. But the most modern sample libraries, like Spitfire, Berlin, etc. are robust enough that in order to get full functionality out of your samples you really have no choice but to use multiple midi channels. Some instruments are actually designed in a way that they have more functionally with separate midi channels then they do without it. At very least, it’s often advantageous to keep short note and long note articulations on separate midi channels.

In short, I’d have to spend the next few weeks restructuring my entire collection of VEP templates on all 3 machines just to get something that works with Dorico and no longer plays nice with my other systems… all with reduced functionality in my samples to boot. Not exactly something I’m going to jump on. lol I’m sure it’s in the plans to add support for multiple ports and channels per instrument at some point. But if there’s any way to add these sooner rather than later I’d really appreciate it.



We do hope to support this: our original concept was to allow for individual techniques of a single instrument to be played back via different ‘endpoints’ (endpoint = plugin + port + channel). However we can’t say when this will happen. The core playback engine is written to support it though.

Paul, this is great to hear!

I’m sorry, I forgot all about you explaining the endpoint plans to start. All I can say is please please please I beg I beg I beg you guys to do it soon! lol

I’ll happily resort to bribery, etc. :wink:

Thanks again and good luck! I trust you guys to get it right.


I agree this should be given high priority. And while you’re at it, please do MIDI OUT as well. I’d rather use my existing Cubase/VEP networked templates …

At least for different voices…

There’s a part right in the beginning of La Mer that comes to mind. The bass is divisi, with one half playing arco, and the other pizz.

Dynamics for different voices is so useful in piano music to bring out a melody for instance. A very pronouced example would be Grainger’s Colonial Song.

Fratveno: MIDI Out is on our list, though as usual I can’t say when
TylerE, Robert: it is the plan that voices can be routed independently, and techniques and dynamics may be either voice- or stave-specific. Some of the low levels of this are already implemented, but there is no UI to control it yet.

Agree fully on this thread.


Please, please, please do it soon. I’ve been waiting so patiently for a pizz arco split to be available on divisi parts.

I have the latest Dorico and I have been sending its midi out to my yamaha piano. In the instrument area there is one dropdown for 16 channels and one that goes 1-48 for midi ports. This sounds like what is being requested–am I misunderstanding?

At the moment, each instrument has to go out on one channel. The request is that different articulations, or different voices, or different staves of the SAME instrument can go out to separate MIDI channels.

Thanks, I understand now.

Just a note, because of a recent sale, I bought the full version of halion. I verified that it has all 4 midi ports accessible in dorico and cubase, so it can be a 64 instrument multi. I think that is pretty cool. Kontakt 6 does not support this. I think I read somewhere that more than one vst midi channel was a feature of vst3 that is not in vst2. Please let me know if I am wrong about that. thanks.