Please tell me how..

Hello Guys,

What is the quickest/easiest way to set up 24 ( or any # ) of identical blank audio tracks in a new session ?
Is there a copy track / times xx ?? function anywhere ?


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From the Menu bar:

1-Project—>Add Track
2-Choose Audio (the ‘Add Audio Track D/lg box opens)
3- To the right of the ‘Browse’ button (on the left) there is a ‘count’ field.
4-Use the lil up/down arrows indicators or double click
the field to enter a track number value
and bob’s yer uncle’.


Yes…I knew that and using it all the time.
BUT; if there are inserts/sends/etc, are created in the first track…how do I copy these over to all new tracks ??
That is what I am asking, maybe wasn’t specific enough.


Save the track as a track preset, load it, set the routing, duplicate x times.


Several ways…
E.g., there is a function in the preferences which places send FXs automatically in the slots of new tracks…

Much easier. Copy the track you’ve done the setup, select all the tracks you want to “clone” by using shift key, and then paste. Simple.

…and than make Template (file/save template) …name it…24ch good mix

drag and drop

add the tracks as you need them then select the tracks and connect them
(click the left one hold shift and click the right one and connect the channels with the needed settings)
click and hold on the bottom of the channel in the mixer and drag and release on any of the target channels
disconnect as needed

it helps as well to copy the needed settings from one to another channel

1 - the preference “automatically connect sends” will work as long as you are not using more than 6 PF effects…then it gets pointless.
2 - Q-Link. Set up by selecting all channels you want to set up, hit Q-Link & set up the first - all the rest get the same settings
3 - Copy/Paste channel settings (cannot remember if this actually works with sends though - will test)