Please tell me that i doo lost everything?

I have just assembled a new AMD Ryzen 3600 PC and installed windows 10 64 and then Cubase pro 10.5 + plugins … but here at the opening of my projects transferred from my other old PC, I noticed that my plugins weren’t accessible (exclamation mark around) and that my track color preferences ect … had disappeared and also some track like bass sounded like a bit too high …
Please I don’t know what to do … i fear to work on my projects anymore because I dare not touch my work for fear of making the situation worse!
What is it and what should I do?
Thank you … it’s very important for me !


Did you transfer the preferences from your old PC to the new one, please? Did you just copy the preferences folder, or did you use Profile Manager?

Hi Martin,
I did none of these choice Martin,
My work was on a separate SSD, so I started my project from my new computer with this SSD … believing that everything will be fine … not at all ! …no color, inaccessible plugins, ect … …
I still have my other PC (Still intact) but i don’t know what to transfert (preferences) to the new PC ?!
What to do Martin ?
Now i returned to my old PC waiting what to do !
Thanks for your interest …
I did a save backup & save as template but no more …


The Cubase settings is not stored in the project.

Open Edit > Profile Manager on the old PC. Select the current profile (the marked one) and click Export. Set the location, where to save the file.

Open the Profile Manager on the new computer and click Import. Choose the file. Select the imported profile and click to Activate Profile. Restart Cubase.

Yes Martin … i did this 2 days ago & everything is fine now because of you !
You mentioned ** Profile Manager ** & i did a research about this ! … & will never touch my old PC again because it’s my security for all my projects … a kind of true backup !
My old PC have more value than my new one !
Thanks Martin !

If your work is important to you, making backups to a separate external disk drive would seem to be a really good idea.