Please update function Add multiple MIDI track to Rack Instrument

When adding a Rack Instrument Cubase asks if you want to add a MIDI track. Why can I not give a number of requested MIDI tracks and only get one? Please make it multiple. Now I have to make one and then add a number I want to use, for instance 7 for HALion Sonic (when I need 8 MIDI tracks), or even up to 63 for HALion if I want to use all HALion slots 16channels per port A to D.
So also make it dependable on the maximum Rack Instrument channels per VST. At least for Steinberg Rack Instruments (HALion Sonic and HALion full version).
I have been waiting for this simple upgrade of the functionality, not only to Add an MIDI track to the rack instrument, but also a number. But hereby I request for it. It’s a very simple change I think, so please add this to the next Maintenance Update or at last in the next Cubase version.

Hi and welcome back!

Indeed, what you’re asking would be a nice addition to Cubase, but helpful only if you make templates all day long. Here’s a workaround (until the request is granted):

  1. Make these settings:

  2. Add the Rack Instrument.

  3. Add manually the MIDI tracks that you need.

  4. Select the tracks, then while holding down Alt/Opt+Shift set the output routing to the rack instrument you added.

Result: All tracks are now routed to the same rack instrument.

I don’t think you can route 63 or 64 tracks to the same rack instrument, and I’m saying this because there are only 16 channels available.

P.S. I was prepared to tell you that Rack Instrument doesn’t exist in Cubase anymore. But what do you know, I was surprised to find that it still exists in the “F11” window.

If I could not connect multiple MIDI tracks to a Multi Timbral VSTi, I would be very upset.

And yes, I can connect 64 MIDI tracks to one instance of HALion, because HALion has 64 slots in 4 blocks on the MIDI implementation. Slot A to D with each 16 channels. So 64 channels in total, connectable to 64 slots.

And I know how to create multiple MIDI tracks to my Rack VSTi. But I have to do it in 2 steps now, and why can’t I get multiple tacks at the question if I want to add MIDI tracks to my Rack VSTi. Now I just get one track instead of a wanted larger number to be connected at once.

And yes, I make a lot of templates. I give Cubase courses in The Netherlands and abroad per computer connection. And for almost all of my customers, I create custom templates, sometimes with quite some number of tracks.