Please update MusicXML export to version 3.0+

I’ve been having problems with Cubase its MusicXML export for a long time now (going back to atleast Cubase 8) on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (64 bit). I have trouble loading the .xml files in Sibelius and I’m unable to load them at all into Dorico. I’m hoping Steinberg will update Cubase’ MusicXML export from version 1.1 to version 3 in the near future. I’‘ll include screenshots in this request (following posts) showing how the files look in Cubase and how they load into Sibelius and Dorico aswell as the errors in the files validated by the W3C Markup Valdiation Service. Cubase’ Score Editor and MusicXML export is very important to my workflow as a composer and I’d like it to function very well together with other scoring applications like Sibelius, Finale and Dorico. Would make life a lot easier! Mind you, Sibelius’ MusicXML export with the Dolet 6 plugin ( imports perfectly into Cubase 9!

Kind regards,
Viktor Velthuijs
W3C Markup Validation Service Results_edit.jpg
W3C Markup Validation Service_edit.jpg
Cubase 9 Score Editor_no_edit.jpg

Importing a Cubase exported XML file into Dorico. [pictures]
Loading Into Dorico_edit.jpg
Dorico Error Message_edit.jpg
Importing Into Dorico_edit.jpg

Importing a Cubase exported XML file into Sibelius (8). [pictures]
Loading Into Sibelius_edit.jpg
Importing Into Sibelius_edit.jpg