Please update the Dorico help to reflect Engrave menu options

In Engrave mode, there is no “Engraving Options” option under the Engrave menu, as stated in your help file: “You can open Engraving Options in any of the following ways:
Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-E in any mode.
Choose Engrave > Engraving Options in Engrave mode.”
In fact, I can’t find a button or menu item to open this dialog – the key command works, but if there’s another way, it should be listed in your help. Here’s the help page I’m referring to.

You’re looking at the Help pages for Version 2.

Unfortunately, if you Google, you get offered an early version (which has acquired more ‘hits’ over the years, and so ranked higher by Google).

Better to access Help directly from the Help menu, or with a browser bookmark.

All the Options are now under the Library menu.

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Ah, makes sense. I typically find answers quicker via Google – the search within Dorico’s help system returns many results that can be time-consuming to wade through. Maybe a more robust search engine or method to filter the internal search is really what would be helpful. Thanks for your quick response.

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But not if Google sends you to the wrong version.

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Are you perhaps using Dorico Elements? (which does not include Engraving Options)

Nope, I was looking at the support pages for the wrong version.

Yes! I will be aware of that now, thanks.