Please use sealed package for software license papers inside the product box.

I recently wonder why USB-3.0 support can make Steinberg UR series sound better through headphone output.
(Speakers are forbidden in my dorm.)
Then I bought one on Sunday which costed me almost 20k JPY.
However, after tests till now (Tuesday morning in Tokyo) on both my MacBook Pro 2017 and my Mac Pro late-2013 (on both Windows 10 and macOS 10.15), I feel that it is too far from being able to be a competitive to NI Komplete Audio 2 (and its better competitor ZOOM UAC-2).

Someone may think that I can have a 14-day return policy. However, in Japan, it is not.
Most 3c dealers in Japan doesn’t have 14-day return policy but 14-day warranty & exchange policy.
However, Steinberg hardwares are exception: Their papers of serial numbers are not sealed.
This means that no one can prove that a returned product has its software serial numbers intact (i.e. not activated).
This proves that I cannot even exchange this useless stuff to something else (which might be more useful).