PLEASE VOTE for me at German award "Schallwelle 2021" for electronic music

Hello friends,
hello fans,
dear followers,

for the first time in my life I am nominated for a price. I am very delighted about that. What unbelievable great about this is, that I received this honour for my music. I am a nominee for the german award “Schallwelle”, which is known as most important award in electronic music. It was founded in 2009.

In this damned difficult year - 2021 - this is something, which gives me great joy and pride. Now, today is the start and first day, the final voting is open, which means, that you can gift me your vote for

“Best artist national”

and for one of my albums “Restore faith” or “Beyond” as “Best album national”

Sure you can also vote for other artists and categories - - h

                    • official announcement - - - - - - - - - -
                      Dear friends of the EM,
                      the competition is on, the election is open!
                      You can cast your votes for the best artists and the best albums of 2021 (till 15.1.2022).
                      We hope you enjoy voting and wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season.
                      Schallwelle - The Voting

Thank you all for listening to my music, for your buying it at , for your support and your vote.

I am grateful for everything you have given me this year.

Stay safe and healthy!

Joerg Dankert