Please vote for...

… mashedmitten (Conundrum) here;

I listened to as much of each selection as I could. I’ve heard yours before, but listened again in its’ entirety. That is a distinction your song enjoyed alone. I couldn’t make it through any of the others till the end. A few barely managed five seconds. You’d have my vote … except:

(1) I can’t vote because I don’t remember my login credentials there (if I even have any)

(2) It’s about the silliest music contest I’ve seen … emoticons = points. You MUST enter three votes in order of preference (with the proper emoticons to allocate points), and you have to add narrative? Please, spare me.

You win, hands down. Congratulations.

Thanks for the attempt, Nick. :sunglasses:

What’s NWP? New World Porder?