Please vote NO for disappearing automation points!

Hello everyone!

I have been working with the latest version of Cubase for months trying to get used to the fact that the automation points completely disappear when you zoom out to see an entire track.

I would like to point out how big a deal this is to me and - I am guessing is with other producers. Especially since we are in a time when there is SO much use of automation in just about every aspect of the DAW.

When these points completely disappear, it is impossible to see just where a problem may be occurring unless you zoom back in on the track, and this is really time consuming.

Thanks in advance for all who help bring this to light and to Steinberg to help resolve this in a future update! : )


Search disappearing automation to see other discussion & Steinberg’s official response.


Hello again,

GREAT! Thank you SO much for the response Grim. This is music to my ears and I am sure to many others! The automation that Steinberg PIONEERED would be such a shame to be degraded. Rock on!


I’d wait & see what Steinberg’s under wraps improvements are before getting too excited :wink:

I agree, please bring back the automation points, I had to go back to 6.02, because I was loosing so much time without the points being visible.

Again, another case of a change made for no apparent reason, like the auto-scaled MIDI parts in the project window. Loses a lot of time when you’re working with a lot of automation!

FFS, Steinberg, work on things that are requested, like VST3 plugin management and fixing known bugs rather than messing about with the way things look for no reason.

+1. Please make them always visible.

Also, that plus sign (or down arrow?) for opening automation - why on earth does that need to disappear unless I hover over it?? Information hiding like that is counter intuitive.



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Please bring back the always visible automation points!