Please... Warp multitrack - toolbox in two lines - no audio gapless

Please Steinberg…
Please… Please…

If you want gapless aduio

then you also want out of phase audio until you stop playback. Gapless audio = no Plugin Delay Compensation until you stop playback.

Fake news - it does not have to work like this. The fact other software can already do it to varying degrees proves so.

All audio is passed through buffers before it is heard, so any changes in delay compensation can be accommodated for. Been discussed in many previous threads here ad infinitum - do a search.

Will it require much more computer resources? Probably - especially when pushing low buffers.

And you obviously don’t understand phase to suggest this might be an issue…? Where on earth would phase issues come into this?

Also, the current audio engine cuts out in lots of areas where audio path isn’t even being effected! eg deleting empty folder tracks, closing some dialogue boxes. So there is plenty of room for improvement.

It has been discussed before, that is what I’m referencing. All DAWs that have Gapless have PDC problems. That’s the tradeoff.

If you already have plugins loaded into the project causing latency, and you are in playback - then the buffer is already being used - if you now load in a plugin with 1000ms latency… how is that going to work?

You use secondary buffers running a mult of the signal - the plugin goes into (or is removed from) this new path and the signals are re-aligned before playback is swapped over. It ain’t rocket science.

That works on the one track within itself ie

Bass (Dry) keeps playing while Bass (wet) is loading and aligning which when complete, takes over the signal.

But then how does it align with the rest of the project, if the plugin added/removed is greater latency than the rest of the project? I believe this is where the problems occur.

Lovegames we have discussed this before but you say that other DAWs have phase issues until you stop is not correct at all.
I use other DAWs and never have phase or timing issues on Logic or Live or Studio One.
Everything keeps playing perfectly. Only time glitch happens is when you insert a high latency plugin which is normal but never have issues inserting an instrument plugin, creating an audio track, deleting a track, creating a bus track adding a send etc. Never. We are talking here about things that do not induce high latency. Just normal stuff. I mean people do this on stage with Ableton Live.


If it can be done in a stable, correct PDC, correct phase way - then great. If not, I will take the gap over those issues. Even if it can be done perfectly, it wouldn’t make my top 20 list but that’s just me.

I use a lot of high latency plugins, at what point do the supposed problems occur? No one is going to realize a slight phase issue or something, drunk at an Ableton show.

ALso, my guess is, this would require an entire through and through rewrite of the entire engine and program… and there’s no telling how many bugs it could introduce, performance issues, etc.

I am not a programmer, but these things are really fundamental to my work. I understand very well that an elephant weighs more than a squirrel, and I think it is normal to have a waiting time to load “heavy” instuments or plugins, but other daw do it regularly.

the multi-line toolbox was always implemented in cubase … I just want it as it was.

multitrack warp is really too important a function for a daw …

I update cubase independent of the new features (which of course I appreciate) because it’s like a family member, but certain essential things should be taken into consideration … users have been asking for multitrack warp for years …

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And…? Performance be dammed - the audio engine is old and probably simplistic in order to run on outdated computers. I want Pro to fly on the latest chips.

Besides you’re massively missing the point. Audio currently cuts out when -

Adding / deleting tracks
Deleting empty folder tracks
Opening / closing some dialogue boxes
Closing the midi editor on some instruments

Much of the time this has nothing to do with compensating for plugin latency.

And it’s also not about being pedantic and saying that if you ‘insert a spectral denoiser with a look ahead of 5 days onto the output bus’ there will be a gap / cut out so there’s no point in bothering. Its about shutting down most of the incessant and unnecessary breaks which are tiring to have to listen to every few minutes.



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It works without problems on the DAWs I mentioned. No idea about others.Also it doe not matter if drunks notice it or not. If it caused problems it would be discussed on forums. Since it is a live oriented program it is more important for Live. Also I do not notice any issues at the studio and I do not work drunk :slight_smile:
For example open up a Kontakt instrument while Cubase is running and the audio cuts out until the plugin is loaded around 10 seconds. Load Kontakt to Live, the song keeps playing and nothing changes when Kontakt is loaded you just go on load your instrument.

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+1 to a Gapless Audio Engine. Never had any issues in S1. If Steinberg didn’t think they could accomplish this, I doubt they would have included it in the surveys.

+1 to warp multitrack.
Please help me drop ProTools definitely. :smiley: Faster audio editing there.
It’s not phase accurate, it’s seems not possible for anyone at the moment, but still very helpful to fill little gaps when there’s no other option or other takes available.

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+1 to toolbox in two lines or circular toolbox.

Couldn’t agree more.

Listen here to how the music never stops.! (forget its their ‘Performance Panel’ tool - just create a loop section in your project window and try adding new instruments, whilst playback is running):- (start at 3:06 and watch when he adds Instrument Tracks for string sounds etc).

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Wow! Can’t you hear all the phase issues when he loads that string patch?? Everything becomes out of time and phase.

Just kidding :laughing:

How does it look like?

what’s the complaint about ? cubase offers free stutter fx feature,
seriously cubendo and steinberg as a major and respected company and product should had this sorted long time ago
we want g g ga ga gap gapless audio