please.. what graphic card?


I use a AMD Radeon HD6800 Series GC.
it’s “ok” for my 3 screens HDMI. But i experience a very annoying latency with nuyendo 10.2.10 (don’t remember that for nuendo 7/8)
i have a 4 frame offset when i play the video from nuendo. if i bounce the audio and create a video using premiere then i see the audio in sync.
so basically it’s just what i see on the screen when i press play but still is is annoying.

i would like to get rid of that and think i could maybe do so by buying a more powerfull GC ?
and hint / help on that subject ?

(windows 10 / 64bit /intel core i7 2600k / 16gram)

After having many AMD cards, I started using Nvidia - and in many cases it solved most of my issues. You don’t have to go to super gaming one - actually avoid anything new as you will be paying so much, get like 2 years old such as GTX 1060 Ti with 6 GB memory and it can do everything you throw at it and doesn’t heat your room.

I use a Nvidia Quadro M2000 up to 4 4k screens using displayport and no fan.

Sorry it does have a fan, really little one.

ok. and do you guys experiment any latency when working on film ? did you ever checked that ?

Well, what is your specific issue Sylvain? Is it that you have a latency from the time the video frame is supposed to be seen until it is actually seen on your monitor?

If that’s the issue, then of course make sure you’re playing back a video format that’s good for post work, like Prores or DNxHD.

Then after that you can delay the video signal in Nuendo so that you end up in sync again. I would hope that rendering audio to video would then NOT take that compensation into account and everything should be fine.

Other than that the only thing I can think of is getting a dedicated card for playout, like one from Blackmagic Design. I think you still may have to fiddle with output settings though. But I’m not sure you’ll get so much better latency with another consumer/gamer graphics card that you actually gain something.

For what it’s worth I’m running a Radeon VII with 16GB VRAM and my offset is set to “70” ms, going over an HDMI to DVI-D cable to a DELL 24 inch IPS monitor. I’m not sure about the latency specs for that monitor btw, but it’s clearly different from the plasma TV I used to send video to. Hopefully my next screen will be an LG Oled which will require yet another calibration.