PLEASE When the VCA fader will be REPAIRED

Since the VCA fader is born in Cubase, it doesn’t work properly !!
The Workaround is to write automation to every tracks are driven by the VCA fader. And it’s very annoying when you have a lot of tracks !

For a great daw as “Cubase”, it’s really a shame that this famous feature doesn’t work !

Please Let us know when it will be fixed !

works for me whenever I use it
hmmmm what is not working Max ?
do you write on the lanes or ride a fader ??

For me, when you apply a vca fader to some tracks which doesn’t contain automation, the volume of these tracks could change suddenly without touching anything.
Always happened to me.
This issue is related by other users too.

I’ve completely stopped using VCA faders because of this. It’s very unfortunate.

How do you bypass the VCA faders? This keeps happening to me as well