Please work on the code.


After diving into v8 a lil deeper, i must say that it is riddled with the most obscure bugs i have ever seen… And there are so many! I seem to run into a few everytime i use it. (Like audio clips disapearing when changing musical/linear… Or phantom busses not working, or rendering in place leaving huge gaps of silence at the audio start depending on plugins used etc. )- those are just the ones that are really annoying me this session…
I mean, i love the sound n all, but please stop putting obstacles in the way when im on my way:p

Soooo, my suggestion is:

Work on the code. Work the sh1t out of it. Show us what you can do! Make cubase work please. No time to waste.

Best regards to the whole team and everybody who makes “it” happen.


Second that!